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The lubrication method after the machine tool bearing is installed is very important

The correct configuration of spherical roller bearings refers to the combination of bearing types and the arrangement of the front and rear bearings. Different configurations determine the different load capacity, operating speed, stiffness, temperature rise and service life of the machine tool spindle, especially for stiffness and temperature. The impact of liters is more significant, so the spindle bearings should be reasonably configured according to the requirements of the machine tool's working characteristics. In terms of function and structure, spindle bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings.

The purpose of running-in operation is to make the roller and raceway of the bearing run-in before formally making the angle, so as to have good contact conditions to maintain the bearing with good contact accuracy, and to prevent the bearing from running at high speed at the beginning. The use of heavy loads causes damage to the rollers and raceways, thereby improving the life and accuracy of the bearing. Because tapered roller bearings are not in complete rolling contact, there is sliding between the end of the roller and the shoulder of the inner ring. If the contact conditions are not good, the phenomenon of occlusal damage is easy to occur, so more attention should be paid to running-in operation for this type of bearing.

The mechanical spindle refers to the axis that drives the workpiece or tool to rotate on the machine tool. The main shaft components are usually composed of main shaft, bearings and transmission parts (gears or pulleys). In the machine, it is mainly used to support transmission parts such as gears and pulleys to transmit motion and torque, such as machine tool spindles; some are used to clamp workpieces, such as spindles. Except for machine tools whose main motion is linear motion, such as planers and broaching machines, most machine tools have spindle components. The movement accuracy and structural rigidity of the spindle components are important factors that determine the processing quality and cutting efficiency.

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